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Start Date Project Number Type Budget Location Sponsor Group Leader(s) Lead Builder Saturday Supervisor Volunteers
10/06/2018 00011991 House Build w/bathroom
$9,225.00 Tecate
Skanska USA Civil West
Michael Cherry
John Meagher 8 Currently Registered
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10/06/2018 00012026 Drywall and Insulation
Family Info
$700.00 Tecate
Faith United Methodist Church of Torrance
Roger Butcher
Maxine Butcher
John Masukane 6 Currently Registered
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10/13/2018 00012016 House Build w/bathroom
$9,000.00 Tijuana
County Park 9th Ward
0 Currently Registered
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10/13/2018 00012002 House Build
$9,025.00 Tijuana
Aldersgate UMC & Networks
Maxine Butcher
Joyce Stenberg
Michael Savage 25 Currently Registered
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10/18/2018 00012013 Addition Type I

$4,100.00 No Preference - in connection with other knudson
St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Church
1 Currently Registered
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10/19/2018 00012006 Choose-a-Project (CAP)

$1,100.00 No preference
Mary Ann Quann
0 Currently Registered
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10/20/2018 00012003 House Build w/bathroom
$10,425.00 Tijuana
Abraham's Carpenters: Christians + Muslims (S. OC)
Colin Stewart
Robert Howe
15 Currently Registered
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10/20/2018 00012004 House Build w/bathroom
$9,000.00 Tecate
The Conrad Family & Friends
Paul Conrad
Kara Conrad
3 Currently Registered
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