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Start Date Project Number Type Budget Location Sponsor Group Leader(s) Lead Builder Saturday Supervisor Volunteers
09/08/2018 00012015 House Build w/bathroom
$11,000.00 Tijuana
Eric & Elenor Wernicke
Eric Wernicke
Elenor Wernicke
2 Currently Registered
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09/08/2018 00011994 House Build w/bathroom
$10,525.00 Tecate
Saint Edward Church
Robert Wagner
Ralph Loconte
Michael Savage Tom McMillen 12 Currently Registered
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09/22/2018 00011992 Addition Type I
$4,100.00 Tijuana
Handy Helpers
Cheryl Wolocatiuk
Michael Savage 6 Currently Registered
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09/22/2018 00011996 House Build w/bathroom
$9,000.00 Tecate
Traylor Bros.,Inc.
John Meagher 1 Currently Registered
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09/22/2018 00012005 House Build w/bathroom
$9,825.00 Tecate
Seabreeze Community Church
0 Currently Registered
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